Fantastic Story Structure

Maybe because of the relationship between crime, mystery, and legal thrillers, I am attracted to titles like We, The Jury by Robert Rotstein. Years ago, I was spoiled as far as legal thrillers by John Grisham. His appeal has not faded with his recent works such as the The Whistler. Rotstein does not compare to Grisham; he is different in many ways and that is what makes this novel an exceptional one. It is pleasing in its organization. It is clever in the observations offered on the travails of everyday life, some, but not all, in a legal sphere. It is entertaining in its examination of spousal abuse in which the husband is the abused … or maybe not. That is why we are in the courtroom. Abused or not, should there be incidents in which murder is justified? Self-defense? Perhaps. That is why readers are invited to examine the court proceedings presented here.