In the End, Everything …

All my friends are dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John is described very well on the Amazon book page as a “children’s book for

Arrogance Rewarded

He Who Drinks From Lethe… is a short story by John Wayne Falbey. I would feel guilty if, during the month of Halloween, I failed

Quid Pro Quo

The End by Anne Nowlin is a very short story, only nine pages, and is a story of revenge. This is perfect for a coffee

Don’t Go Into The Corn

Belief in evil, the Devil, or monsters in whatever form is the subject of The Cornfield by Anne Nowlin. Annie listened carefully to her grandmother

Snow Jobs

Persistence of Frost: A Study in Magic by Chris Kim is a very short story full of surprises and improbable situations, something readers should expect

Don’t Trust the Pez

The Thing in the Pool by Carol James Marshall is a 38-page short story that I bought for USD 0.99 on Amazon after I read

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