More Gore, More Violence

This is for you if you liked Off Season. Lots of Violence, gore, terrible stuff. Just when you want to fill your mind with creepy stuff because…. You are bored with your weekday!!

Offspring                                            by Jack Ketchum

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Dark, Weird, Sometimes Incomplete

This is a combination book of dark poetry and short stories. I will look at each title in the book rather than a comprehensive comment on the book in its entirety. I am furnishing the review in return for a copy of the book.

Book of Squalor                     by Max Rudd

Short stories and poems are good traveling companions to fill the dead times of routine. One of the stories, Trucks, takes a bit more time to appreciate the descriptive, complex language used for the architectural features of the warehouse.

I think some of the characters are complex due their vague characterizations in the poems. This is not a bad thing; I am sure the invitation to reader engagement is appreciated by readers of poetry.

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