Grunge as Entertainment

A first feature I questioned about The Grunge Narratives: A Rare Horror Collection by Nick Younker was, why Grunge? What…


Werewolves and Lycans and Super Lycans

Tales of Gale: The Dark Hunt by Halt Arklight is a tale of werewolves and Lycans and even super Lycans. These thoroughly bad creatures may be in an alliance with or manipulated by a sorcerer. How can humans possibly survive? In times past there was a group known as the Shepherds who protected humans from non-human entities. Gale is one of these shepherds. As far as readers know from this story, Gale is the only surviving Shepherd. He works with a group of humans whose duty is to seek out enemies dedicated to destroying the human species. Gale is a superior bounty hunter dispatched to areas where there have been incidents of humans disappearing or being murdered.