The Self-Important Writer

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The Anniversary by Ahava Trivadi is a 142-page story in The Hopeless Husband Series. This is the first novel in the series and was free as a purchase on Amazon. The next book in the series, Wife Swap, sells for USD 2.99. Classified by Amazon as General humorous fiction, I found nothing offensive as far as language or context but there are painful situations presented with sarcasm and wit.


Writer’s Lament

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Posing in Paradise by Robert Bruce Stewart has a provocative cover featuring semi-clad half-human creatures. I can find no relationship between this cover and the content of the novel. I could have easily missed any relationship because this is a collection of multiple mental prods that somewhat numb rational thinking. Harry Reese, the protagonist, calls it Emmie-land, Emmie being the name of his wife. This presentation is humor on its own level and is hard to categorize. It would be very easy to fall into a trap of calling the novel a collection of humor for intellectuals. If Harry Reese thinks you believe that, he will attempt to stifle his chortles and you, dear reader, will have proved his point about the self-declared superiority of the inhabitants of Emmie-land.

Writers Want Readers

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Clara by Michelle Miller can be found as one of the Amazon Original Stories (AOS) in a collection titled The Fairer Sex. Clara is Book Five of an eight-book series. All can be read one at a time for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or the collection can be purchased as a set (not for free). All the short stories emphasize “short.” Clara, the fifth story in the series is only twenty-four pages. Clara is a frustrated writer looking for a reader. Can you empathize? Grab a cup of your favorite cha. Or whatever people call tea in your language.