Grunge as Entertainment

A first feature I questioned about The Grunge Narratives: A Rare Horror Collection by Nick Younker was, why Grunge? What…

Christmas Cheer

I couldn’t leave the Christmas season without at least one review of a Christmas book. Given that I like the genre(s) of thriller, crime, mystery, and horror; I was delighted to find this seasonally appropriate book which author Christopher Moore describes as “A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror.” In The Stupidest Angel, I couldn’t find the terror because of unrestrained and continuous laughter. This novel is absurd, hilarious, and laughing-out-loud fun. The only way I can review it is by examining some of the improbable characters.

Corporate Zombies

The Incorporated Dead by Nick Keller and Ian Cannon is a story for zombie lovers. To be clear, it is not for lovers who are zombies; it is for “normal” people who like zombie stories. This is a story about the many permutations in character of Hoop, or Edward Hooper, a recent graduate from university looking for his first job so he could realize his part of the dream. Unfortunately, his first opportunity was with a marketing firm that had a pretentious vice president of marketing, Kym (with a “y”, never an “i”) Durant. The VP never took the time to get Hoop’s name right and insisted on calling him Eddy. Durant followed this up by giving Hoop creative advice on decorating his work cubicle. Hoop could do it any way he wanted as long as it suited Durant.

Unending Hungers

The Lion’s Den by Perrin Briar is a short story I purchased from Amazon at the great price of USD 0.00. At 60 pages, only about twenty pages are the story The Lion’s Den. The other 40 pages are a teaser for Compulsion, a full-length novel. Usually, this would annoy me but both the short story and the excerpt were quite good. I even bought the full-length novel. Almost. I put it in my Kindle Unlimited queue to read next.

The Lion’s Den starts out with a Security Guard at a mall attempting to help an attractive 12-year-old girl. We know where this is going. In the story, the exact age of the girl is not stated but reading it will give a reader that impression. The helpful guard, Robert, watched previous security tapes from his control center to determine what times Beth showed up daily at a mall McDonald’s. The second time she appeared Beth smiled at Robert as she told him her mom had to work overtime and would not be able to pick her up. Beth agreed to wait at the mall in Robert’s security center until he finished his shift and would be able to take her home. The two became close and friendly as Beth expressed curiosity about the monitors and equipment in the security center.